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Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey - Ain Soph & the Womb of Creation

Continuing our focus on the Navel Chakra for this month, I shall be facilitating a Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey over the September equinox to a sacred grid location that connects us to the centre of our Galaxy & through that into Ain Soph - the Womb of all Creation. 

This location is @ High Cross in the geomatic centre of England. It's the Omphalos, the symbolic navel of England and a place where the ancients worshipped and revered the Goddess of all Goddess's Ain Soph.

Journey with me to this amazing location energetically to receive all that you need alchemically for the healing of your physical body & the birthing of your divinity. 

Please note if you're a paying member of the Ascension Temple this journey is included in your monthly frequency package