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Holy Grail Vortex, SW France - Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey

In a sleepy corner of South West France nestled between the pyrenees mountains and the mediterranean sea lies a mysterious area that has attracted Pilgrims, Mystics, Ascended Masters & Spiritual adepts for thousands of years. 

This land is steeped in mystery, legend & myth.

It’s a Goddess landscape, abundant with thermal waters, salt water springs & sacred geometry etched into the very fabric of the land. 

This is a Holy Grail vortex.

A sacred site that Masters & Spiritual adepts like Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templars & the Cathars were all drawn to because of the lightcodes, spiritual energy, frequencies & portals that were accessible from this unique grid location.

The range and diversity of frequencies & energy that are available is outstanding. Some of them include - Black Madonna sites, Cathars castles, Venus temple, Initiation caves, Sacred mountains, Holy Springs, Mary Magdalene Sites & Sirian/Isis portals. 

If you feel drawn & attracted to this sacred area I will be facilitating a Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey this Thursday 12th July over the Solar Eclipse.

This is an amazing opportunity to receive & absorb the energy & frequencies that are available at this sacred loacation, just like the masters, spiritual adepts & seekers did in ancient times.

This is all facilitated remotely.

We'll be working with Crystals, Sacred Geometry, Merkbaba technology & interdimensional portals all to facilitate the embodiment of more light into your body & consciousness.

This journey is free if you're an Ascension Temple member on the Soul or Inner Temple Plan.

To become an Ascension Temple Member is £33 a month. You can cancel at anytime. As a member you have 24/7 access to a wide range of spiritual workshops, meditations, ancient wisdom teachings as well as a monthly Full Moon Temple Healing & Crystal Merkaba Grid Journey.


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