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Full Moon Temple Healing (Online)

Each month over the Full Moon Chloe calls you in energetically into the Moon Temple.

Here she works with your blueprint with the profound Ascension frequencies of Transference Healing®.

These frequencies are an ancient vibration that goes back not only to Ancient Egypt & Thoth technology but also into Atlantis & Lemuria.

You’ll receive a Full Transference Healing® including detailed feedback on what came through for the group, with recommendations & what to expect for that upcoming month.

This will give you a framework and an awareness as to what is going on energetically and what you can work on so that you can keep moving forward, shifting frequency & embodying more light.

 Throughout the rest of the month you 'll be work at integrating the shifts that occurred during the healing so that you can hold more light & resonate a higher frequency out into the world.

 Use the Workshops, Trainings & Meditations in the Earth Star Temple Library as a way to embody and integrate the session.

*Please Note - You can only participate & receive a Full Moon Temple Healing if you have an Earth Star Temple All Access Pass. For more details click below