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Transference Healing® Fundamental Training, UK

In this three day Fundamental Training you will learn how to create alchemy in the body, supporting lightbody integration and the ascension of the physical body into the fifth dimensional Adam Kadmon body.  By working on yourself, you shift the frequency of your body and consciousness, while also creating change in your reality.

This training is perfect for you if you're;

• In a rapid awakening process & you want to have a stable energetic foundation to support you through this huge rebirthing process

• In a crisis or at a crossroads & you just feel drawn to working with frequency & light (even though you haven’t got a clue on how to do this)

• You just know in your heart that this is your next step & you, or your higher self are ready to fast track

• A Light Worker, Empath, Star Seed/Indigo or Spiritually Aware person who needs powerful energetic tools & procedures to support yourself so you can get your unique service/talents/gifts out more into the world

• Aware of the importance of working with energy & frequency as a means to sustain wellbeing & to grow spiritually. 

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