Transference Healing® is an ancient ascension & self mastery enlightenment system that works with both alchemy & lightbody frequencies. This divine energetic system works on a multi dimensional level to enhance your direct connection to universal energy for self healing & mastery in support of the rebirthing of your divine self. 

Stepping into the Beyond Doorways Level 1 Workshop will give you the opportunity to run this high multidimensional frequency through your energetic system for Self Healing & Mastery.

It's a perfect place to start for anyone wishing to understand and experience running the Transference Healing Frequencies on themselves, family & friends.

In this one day workshop you'll learn powerful procedures to break down old patterning that has been keeping you locked at a certain frequency. As you work with these divinely orchestrated procedures you'll start to break down patterning, create more alchemy in your body and raise your frequency. All essential aspects to shifting your consciousness & your reality so that it resonates to and reflects more of your Higher Self. 

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This workshop is perfect if you're;

• Looking for an energetic system that you can use daily to support your ascension process

• Have read the Beyond Doorways book & would like to deepen your experience of running these self mastery frequencies on yourself, family & friends

• Want to empower yourself so that you can sustain yourself energetically & master more of your energy system on a regular basis


Alchemy & Light

You'll learn;

• How to run a full Beyond Doorways Healing that you can run on yourself, family & friends

• Create shifts of frequency for alchemy & light integration

• Clear doorways within your patterning from past life wounding that has been limiting & blocking you

• How to work with Raven Power & Dragon Power for magic, self mastery & alchemical healing

• The energetic tools to support working with your emotional & glandular system for balance 

• Deeper understanding into the ascension process & how to run specific frequencies to support your spiritual growth


Beyond Doorways

You'll Receive;

• Workshop Manual

• Full colour template

• Vogel Crystal Wand

• Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit - 15 vibrational essences



Investment: £300

from then on to Resit is: £120

Deposit to secure your place: £100

Time: 10-4pm

Location: Lutterworth, Jnt 20 M1, Jnt 1 M6

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