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Online Temple & Ascension Mastery Space

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Accelerate Your Ascension

Monthly Full Moon Temple Healings with Chloe. Receive High frequency infusions of light, crystalline energy & purifications so that you can continue to Spiritually Grow, Evolve, Empower & Reconnect to the Light

Transform Your World

Temple Spiritual workshops, trainings, & live Q & A's mean that you have a 24/7 spiritual portal to keep you on track & supported during those ups and downs of the transformational process. Each month new classes are added

Spiritually Connect & Empower

Receive Activations & Infusions of light from Sacred Sites all over the world. Anchor and embody more light so you can birth more of your Higher Self, Expand in Consciousness, Empower Yourself & Connect to Spirit





Imagine a world where;

You feel connected, empowered and whole.

You heart is open and you're working at embodying unconditional love & compassion

You feel at peace and at one with the universe.

You're connected to Mother Gaia & instinctively know how to absorb the crystalline properties of nature so you can co create an internal process of rejuvenation, revitalisation and regeneration to sustain more wellness in your body & consciousness.

You psyche is awakening and your intuition & other claire senses are developing rapidly.

You understand what is really going on for you and those around you and you have the internal resources and know with all to respond through higher consciousness.

You’re aware of your weaknesses and are able to work though blocks and distortions so you can embody more light

You feel empowered with a deep sense of knowing who you truly are. Instead of reacting to situations you're able to respond. And use these situations as a trigger to go deeper within to purify & release.

You become a vessel for the Goddess & the Universe. You're able to channel universal wisdom & teachings for others and know how to run energy and frequency through you to sustain yourself energetically.

The more light you embody the more you embody your Higher Self & sustain yourself energetically in the higher dimensions connecting with alternate realities and interdimensional worlds. 
You connect with Elementals, Angels, Ascended Masters & Light Beings. 

You live in a world of abundance, flow & creativity. Dormant Higher Gifts & Talents reawaken & birth within you.  You share your knowledge, light and gifts & become a template of leadership, light & wisdom for others

You feel fulfilled and wise.

With each lifetime you live more of your divinity. You become that Earth Angel. You reawaken to who you truly are and are able to live that as an embodied reality - a reflection of who you are.

You co create beautiful experiences that heighten your awareness and sustain your light.

It's a Journey of Reconnection, Empowerment & Divinity



Who's this Membership For?


• You're passionate about your Spiritual Growth & you're ready to step into your next level of Self Mastery. It's time, and you know that deep inside of you.


• Maybe you're in a rapid awakening process & you're running to catch up with your Higher Self. You have a deep desire for more knowledge & awareness and wanting to be able to anchor and embody these changes with as much ease & grace as possible into your daily life.


• Maybe life has thrown you a curveball - it could be physical, relationship, emotional or spiritual. You need monthly guidance & energetic support to move you swiftly through this catalytic stage for deep and profound transformation.


• You feel you're here for a reason. You have a mission & destiny even though you don't know exactly what that is right now. You're ready to work on yourself at a deeper level, through energy work & introspection to birth your Higher Gifts & Talents & be more of service.


• You want to Empower yourself by uncovering the inner blocks & wounding that has been holding you back. You need spiritual tools on how to shift & transmute them so that they eventually become your greatest strengths.


• You have a deep thirst for knowledge and you're looking for more awareness and understanding on all things spiritual - deeper connection to spirit,  opening your psyche, embodying your higher self, connecting to angels, inner guidance, shamanic, spiritual empowerment, alchemy & lightbody. You understand that all knowledge though needs to be applied and embodied on a daily basis otherwise it remains in the air - on the mental plane. You need knowledge but also the practical tools to embody it too.



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Ascension Temple Offerings

Depending on your unique journey, commitment & passion we offer three different options within the Ascension Temple to support you on your Spiritual Path.

* You can cancel your membership at any time *

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£33 Per Month

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£120 per Month



What You'll Receive as a Temple Member

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Weekly Energy Updates

Receive weekly guidance on the Ascension Energies at play in your life. Perfect to support you on your Spiritual Journey & give you extra guidance & awareness. Also included is an Ascension Workshop + Frequency Meditation


Monthly Full Moon Temple Healing 

Clear distortions, past life wounding, inner blocks that have been holding you back. Receive alchemical infusions of light & lightbody work to support you to fast track your journey. You'll get feedback & recommendations for the month ahead

 (For Soul + Inner Temple Members Only)

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What are Full Moon Temple Healings

Each month around the full moon Chloe will call together the Soul group and work with you energetically to clear etheric distortions, past life woundings & karmic density.


She will then infuse higher frequencies of light from the elementals, angelic & cosmic planes as well as work with your lightbody. ( This is where your Higher Gifts and talents are accessed)


The whole process is one of Decoding & Recoding. The more you can keep on completing these cycles of Death/Rebirth within yourself the more light you will embody into your body & consciousness and the more you can shine & radiate your light out into the world.


Chloe works with the profound ascension frequencies of Transference Healing. This is an ancient transformative energy that contains all the frequencies necessary to support you where ever you are in your Mastery journey.


After each session Chloe will record the feedback detailing what occurred during the session, give guidance  & recommendations on what to work with during the rest of the month so that you can embody the healing fully.


This will give you a framework and an awareness as to what is going on energetically and what you can work on so that you can keep moving forward, shifting frequency & embodying more light.


Throughout the rest of the month you 'll be working at integrating the shifts that occured during the healing so that you can hold more light & resonate a higher frequency out into the world.


You'll then use the workshops, trainings & meditations in the Ascension Temple Library as a way to embody and integrate your ascension healing session.


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3. Urban Goddess® Program

This is a foundational program that works with Awakening Your Inner Goddess. Learn how to shift your frequency through developing the skills of Introspection & Present Moment Awareness.

This wisdom teaching is a core aspect to ANY Spiritual Journey. If you struggle to embody this core teaching you will plateau, feel stuck & stagnant your growth & ability to manifest.

You'll want to keep coming back to this program time and time again as you learn to master more within yourself, surrender & let go.

There are over 20 videos & 14 frequency meditations included, all created in bite sized chunks for easy use!

This program will give you an amazing foundation for your Spiritual Journey &  will empower you to clear self limiting beliefs, connect you to your inner wisdom & step out of your comfort zone so you can finally shine your light & birth your divinity.

This program alone costs £120.

( Included for Free for Soul & Inner Temple Members )

You can check it our here

4.Crystal Merkaba Grid™ Journeys

Receive unique keys and codes, high frequency light & connections to specific stellar systems for the evolution of your lightbody. Experience interdimensional travel into otherworldly realms & kingdoms. When ever Chloe facilitates a new journey to a Sacred Site you'll receive it as being a member in Ascension Temple. Each journey is valued at £45

( Included for Free For Soul & Inner Temple Members)

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5. Ascension Temple Library

Each month, as guided by Spirit, Chloe will create mini trainings, workshops &/or frequency meditations. These will be placed in the Ascension Temple Library so that you have 24/7 access.

( Included for Free For Soul & Inner Temple Members Only )