Shift Frequency & Transform 

Hi there, I am Chloe and I am passionate about empowering people to fulfill their highest purpose. I truly believe that we all have something beautiful & unique to share and contribute to the world and I am honoured to be of service in supporting people to unlock, activate & ground those gifts into the world.


I work with people who are awakening & are passionate about their mastery & enlightenment journey.

I offer one to one sessions remotely, sacred site tours, and online programs.

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September 2016 - Launch of the The Urban Goddess® - An online course for the modern day Goddess. This online course was born out of my own experience of how I found a way through the purification & inner detoxification process so that I could shift frequency and create profound change & transformation in my life. 


Spring/Summer 2017 - Launch of  Spirit Monthly Membership Site -  for Empowerment, Spiritual Healing & Ascension


My Transference Healing® History  In 2001 I “discovered” Transference Healing® and the incredible work that Alexis Cartwright the founder of TH did. It really was only from that point onwards (although I really thought i had been doing the internal work before that) that I really began an accelerated spiritual journey and my internal clearing work really kicked in! Although I understand so much on an intellectual level, it just wasn’t anchoring into my physical body or reality. For me, Transference Healing contained all the necessary frequencies to really catapult my spiritual path into the stratosphere. I began to see how through working with energy and going through my personal purification process and then embodying those teachings that I finally began a healing process that completely shifted my long term energy depletion issues. My life transformed and I was changed forever. I went from someone who felt alienated and very separated, physically depleted in energy & full of fear into someone with a huge amount of drive and energy, and a feeling of inner peace and serenity on a day to day basis. It was a miracle, all those years of searching and trying to find solutions to my issues when in the end it was about going within and really clearing those aspects of myself that were holding me back. I now teach people Transference Healing® so that they too can empower themselves, run energy on friends and family and see the difference that it makes in their world! For me Transference Healing® is the foundation from which everything is based upon. It supports me to Weave my World with Light so that I can support the co creation of the Golden Age now materialising on this planet.


Sacred Site Work One of my great joys and passions is working on Sacred Sites. Over the years I have facilitated many events both in person & remotely to Sacred Sites all over the world such as Uluru, Australia, Glastonbury, UK, Palenque, Mexico, Tara, Ireland, Rennes le Chateau, France, Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

We have now begun to very exciting projects on two sacred sites in Europe, one is a hidden, lost power site in the UK, that we are slowly developing and opening up and the second is down in South West France, the area famous for the inspiration behind the Da Vinci Code, and many esoteric books on Mary Magdalene & the Goddess.



Holistic Therapist   I set up my own business working with clients on a one to one basis straight after Uni in 1997. I studied and practiced all the usuals - reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, kinesiology, crystal healing & energy work.  I did this for over 10 years and in that time was continually searching for more as if everything I studied or learnt never fully provided the answers I needed or gave me the results I was looking for. It was during this time that I realised that those answers I was seeking and the healing I needed would really only ever come from within.


Self Development Trainer   In my 30’s I started to move away from holistic therapy and began in earnest my self development quest. During this time I travelled globally teaching self development workshops to groups of up to 200 people, in all different languages ( with an interpretor of course!) I worked in France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, UK, Ireland, the States and La Reunion. It was a pivotal time for me during this phase as I really started to connect to the understanding of how our thoughts and emotions create our reality and ultimately how shifting frequency changes your world.