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Hi, I am Chloe Cousins

I support Spiritually Awakening Souls to activate their destiny & shine their light out into the world 

I work with the profound frequencies of Transference HealingĀ® & my Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys to infuse light, activate codes & support deep clearings within your energy pattern.  

Through this transformative process release inner blocks, karmic wounding & distortions that have held you back over lifetimes from embodying your Spiritual Power, Higher Gifts & Talents.

The time is right now to reclaim your spiritual power & serve the world in a deeper more profound way

The Universe is calling you, are you listening .........

Chloe's work comes from a space of deep gifted intuition, authenticity & a deep heart. She supports a true empowering release healing process " Emma Stott

" Chloe's work is infused with such a wonderful heart centred vibration. I have been in permanent bliss radiating from my heart. I feel like I am in a space of pure potential " Teri Allen

" If you want to take your Spiritual growth to the next level then I highly recommend investing in Chloe's workshops, trainings & tools " Debs de Vries