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IT’S ALL ABOUT frequency & energy

You, me, the universe - everything is made up of energy.

To feel the magic & create a life that reflects our Spiritual awareness we need to work with energy and frequency on a daily basis.

Yoga, affirmations, being positive, drinking green smoothies ( which I love )- none of that really counts unless you can shift your energy & create shifts in your frequency.

The universe reflects what you put out there in terms of your vibration & frequency.

That’s what I do - I work with energy, light & frequency.

I support lightworkers & spiritually aware people to create profound shifts so they can experience the magic & wonder of the universe and embody who they were always meant to be - a Divine Being of Light.

Feeling drawn to Work More with Energy?

Working with energy is probably one of the most empowering things you can do. But it’s not always easy. That’s because our frequency & energy is mostly made up of our subconscious energy. This energy by its very nature is hidden. It’s what we would call Goddess energy. Think full moon, water, emotions, creativity.

It’s profound, transformational & magical.

For most if us we struggle to deeply connect to this aspect of ourself.

That’s why I created the Ascension Temple membership site. You receive high frequency energy each month over the Full Moon so you can connect to your subconscious energy to purify & elevate your frequency. You also have 24/7 access to a range of Spiritual Masterclass’s & Crystal Grid Journeys. The perfect combo to supercharge your Spiritual Growth & step more into your Power.

The Ascension Temple Membership Site is currently closed for new enrolments but if you would like to join the waiting list click here

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